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The Colombian Coffee Zone

Traditional Finca of the Coffee Zone

Colombia has it’s own coffee region, called the coffee triangle or coffee zone (in Spanish “el eje cafetero”). In This region, the so well known Colombian coffee grows. But not all is about coffee…This place, full of beautiful landscapes and heartwarming people, offers its visitors amazing adventures, wonderful cultural experiences, astonishing nature and more, much more.

The Thermal Springs of Santa Rosa

Thermal Springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal

One of the most amazing attractions to visit in the coffee zone is the thermal springs of Santa Rosa the Cabal.

Besides relaxing yourself in hot water, you can enjoy one of the most stunning scenery of whole Colombia, with a huge waterfall decorating the place and small rivers flowing all around. The water is always about 40 degrees Celsius and therefore it is recommended to go when the weather is not too hot.

Visiting this place at night is highly recommended as it gives the opportunity to visitors to enjoy the hot springs in a new different way, with local music and drinks.

Parque del Cafe

Parque del Cafe in Colombia

Another very popular attraction and worthwhile the visit is the coffee park. This park built by the Colombian federation for coffee to promote tourism in this area, is one of the most beautiful theme parks in Latin America.

You are wrong if you think that this is an average theme park, as some of its highlights are the coffee tour and the coffee show. During the coffee tour, you get introduced to the world of coffee growing and it’s traditional techniques. The coffee show, an absolute must-see and the most exiting and beautiful tourism experience you can get in the coffee zone, shows the history of Colombian coffee in dances and songs, giving you a big insight of Colombian folklore and traditions in regards to coffee.


PANACA - Agriculture Them Park

But there is more. PANACA (the agriculture and livestock theme park) can delight you with its amazing variety of shows and livestock expositions. The slogan of the park is: without countryside there are no cities. It was designed to show city people the important role of farmers and the countryside and to teach about Colombia’s traditions in regards to farming.

The success of this theme park has been so big that they expanded to different cities and countries, having more of these PANACA parks in Costa Rica and Panama. In PANACA, you can enjoy the largest zip line in Colombia where you travel at high-speed distances trough amazing landscapes.

Traditional Villages

Salento is one of the most beautiful villages in the Coffee Triangle

There are many beautiful traditional villages in the coffee zone. Salento, is one of the oldest and most picturesque villages in this area and has an amazing colonial architecture. Here you can enjoy a delicious platano (plantain) a typical dish of the area and go shopping for traditional souvenirs. It is also recommended to take a tour through the Cocora Valley by horse. This valley belongs to the Nevados national park and is the home of Colombia’s national tree (wax palm). The lanscapes found here are very unique and beautiful.

An unending list of more activities and places could be mentioned in this piece of writing, it’s just too much to see and do in this magical coffee zone. This place still undiscovered and with so much potential is waiting to offer one of the most wonderful travel experiences of Colombia and Latin America

(by Johana Lozano Weiland)

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