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Parque Natural de Purace

Natural Attraction in Popayan

Parque Natural de Purace
Situated south east of Popayan is the Puracé National Natural Park. The most interesting feature of the Park is an active volcano called 'Puracé'. It is one of Colombia's most active volcanos. The volcano has a height of about 4600 meters.

Besides Puracé there are some other volcanos in the Park, one of them (Azúcar) is even 5,000 meters high. Because of its high altitude, the Park has relatively low temperatures which in average around 14 °C during the day and often below 0°C at night.

The Park is interesting for mountaineering and observing some of Colombia's exotic flora and fauna. With over 200 orchid species and rare trees the Park has an interesting flora. The Park's wildlife includes bears, mountain tapirs, humming birds, birds of prey such as the Andean Condor and several monkey species at lower altitudes. With more than 160 bird species, the Park is also an interesting hot spot for bird watching in Colombia. It is also the place where some of Colombia's largest rivers originate (Magdalena River, Cauca River, Patía River and the Japurá River).
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