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Feria de Cali

Festival in Cali

25-12-2016 till 30-12-2016

Feria de Cali
The Feria de Cali (or Cali Festival) is a large event with many concerts, especially salsa music the city is world famous for! One of the main attrations is the Cali Salsa Show which takes place in the Torre de Cali Plaza Hotel. Another main concert is the REGAETON FEST with reggaeton artists such as Ñejo & Dalmata, Alexis & Fido, J Alvarez and Arcangel.

During the SUPERCONCIERTO many different music artists come together and present a great show (some of the artists are: El Grupo Niche, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Los Van Van de Cuba, J Balvin and Luis Alberto Posada y Los Chiches)

Cali is known as the Salsa Capital of the world. There are many many more concerts and activities during the festival. For more information visit the official website below where you can find a large list of all the concerts.

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