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Farallones de Cali National Park

Parque Nacional Farallones de Cali


Andean forest, Sub-Andean Forest and Humid Andean Forest


Los Farallones National Park has several animal species such as spectacled bears, panthers, pumas, foxes, wildcats, monkeys, deer, otters, squirrels only to mention a few.


The flora of the Andean region is very rich and includes wild cocoa plants, avocados, ferns, wax palms, herbs, oaks and many more. More than 100 plant species have been registered. Some of the trees are higher than 40m.


No Ecotourism offered

Location: Valle del Cauca
Size (in hectares): 206770.63
Founded: 1968
Altitude: 200 - 4100m
Climate: Cold - Temperate - Warm
Temperature: 5 - 25C
Parque Nacional Farallones de Cali