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Las Orquídeas National Park

Parque Nacional Las Orquídeas


Tropical Rainforest, Andean forest and Sub-Andean Forest


It is not only the beatiful landscape that makes this National Park unique. Also the park's wildlife is special as you can observe parrots, monkeys (including Titis), spectacled bears and different bisrd species such as eagles.


Because of the different climate zones the Park has, there are plants of the Andean and Sub-Andean forest as well as tropical plants. Especially a large range of orchid species are present in th Park.


No Ecotourism offered

Location: Antioquia
Size (in hectares): 32000
Founded: 1974
Altitude: 350 - 3400m
Climate: Tropical - Cold
Temperature: 4 -26C
Parque Nacional Las Orquídeas