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Los Nevados National Park

Parque Nacional Los Nevados


Glaciers, grasslands and moor (66% of the area)


One of the highlights in terms of animal species is the moor hummingbird which is endemic to the region. Some other bird species are turkeys and blackbirds. Other animals in the Park are: spectacled bears, squirrels, tapirs, weasels, 20 bat species and some endemic frog species.


The Park has trees that can be higher than 30m. Tree species include the wax palm, oaks and pines. The moor areas have interesting flowers.


Ecotourism is possible.

Location: Caldas, Quindio, Tolima, Risaralda
Size (in hectares): 58000
Founded: 1973
Altitude: 2600 - 5321m
Climate: Cold
Temperature: 3 - 14C
Parque Nacional Los Nevados