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Orito Ingi Ande National Park

Parque Nacional Orito Ingi Ande


Amazonian Lowlands, Andean Forest


There are many migratory birds such as hummingbirds, eagles and the cock-rock. Mammels that can be found in the Park are monkeys, tiger species (Puma Concolor and Panthera Onca) as well as spectacled bears.


Many plants in the region are associated with medical use. Some examples are the Yoco and Yage plant.


No Ecotourism offered

Location: Orito, Putumayo, Pasto
Size (in hectares): 10204.26
Founded: 2007
Altitude: 700 - 3300m
Climate: Temperate - Cold
Temperature: 10 - 26C
Parque Nacional Orito Ingi Ande