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Tuparro National Park

Parque Nacional Tuparro


savannas (flooded), wooded swamp, riparian forest


More than 70 mammals have been registered. The number of bird species is about 100 and it is known that there are more than 25 fish species and about 17 reptiles.


The Park has two types of forests. Some of the forests in the park get flooded, others are situated next to the river streams. The vegetation is dominated by grass savannas, trees, and bogs.


Ecotourists can find a visitor center with cabins available for overnight says (for up to 8 persons). Camping is not possible at the moment. It is possible to visit the National Park during both, the high and low water seasons. Depending on the season there are different migratory bird species.

Location: Vichada, Los Llanos
Size (in hectares): 548000
Founded: 1970
Altitude: 100 - 330m
Climate: Tropical
Temperature: 27C
Parque Nacional Tuparro