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Utría National Park

Parque Nacional Utría


Mangroves, Coral reefs, tropical rainforest


The fauna in the Park is very diverse. Only in the rainforest live more than 380 bird species and many mammals including primates, jaguars, pigs, deer, iguanas, snakes and lots of frogs. The marina fauna is rich as well and there are coral reefs with more than 15 coral species, more than 80 molluscs, 180 species of fish, turtle species, whale species such as sperm whales, pilot whales and there are dolphin species.


The park has many large trees, palms, mangroves and some plants that are used for medical purposes by the locals.


Visitors can sty in the visitor center 'Jaibaná' which has accommodaton for about 30 persons. Furthermore, the Park has an environmental interpretation center and a restaurant with space for up to 40 persons. Some of the activities in the Park include hiking, observation of flora and fauna, whale watching, turtle watching, birdwatching, photography, research, cultural education, crafts and more.

Location: Chocó
Size (in hectares): 54000
Founded: 1987
Altitude: 0 - 1200m
Climate: Tropical, humid
Temperature: 23 - 30C
Parque Nacional Utría