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Cocoy National Park

Parque Nacional Cocoy


Wetland (mainly between 600 and 1200 m altitude), alpine areas


The Park has a rich fauna with some species that only can be found in Colombia. There are tapirs, monkeys, deer species, spectacled bear, lizards, eagles, Andean Condors, duck species, and many more species.


The highlights of the Park are bamboo trees, timber species and many plant species of the wet moorland.


Ecotourists can observe many different animals in the Park and for overnight stays there is a mountain lodge at an altitude of 3,800 meters with capacity for 18 persons. Furthermore there is a restaurant and campsite.

Location: Boyacá
Size (in hectares): 306000
Founded: 1977
Altitude: 600 - 5330m
Climate: Cold - Temperate - Warm
Temperature: 4 - 20C
Parque Nacional Cocoy